Warm welcome!

16:30 and i am on my way to the Airport again. Shortly after six o’clock i found Tom Luthi waiting for us. After an short talk with our Pilot Tom Luthi, the other two pax found the Airport as well.
After a short conversation with Tom and Remy (one of two other paxes 😉 )and the securtiy Check already behind us we are standing in front of our little Cessna.


We are taking our seats in the little Cessna and Tom beginns with the marathon of Checklists and starts the Word battle against the ATC.
While Tom is doing the Run up, we are filling up our Instagram Accounts with Storys and the big Airliners are departing each one after another. Run up is done and we are ready for depature. Lining up on the slightly too big runway for our Cessna. The Runway has a lenght of 2500 m and we need approximately 300m so no worries today 😉
Tom is speeding up and we`re begining slowly to climb.



A few secounds later we`re turning left and heading along the Gates A and B



We are flying towards the City of Zurich while we are taking Photos and Tom is focusing on the ATC.




We are flying along the lake zurich and turning right, cruising to the lake of Zug. Over the “Grosser Mythen” Tom is doing some 360° as we can take some Pictures. Then we are heading to Moutathal and then turning left flying between many Moutains 😉 Tom is showing us around the Glarner Alps and giving trough the entire flight some stunning Informations about flying and about all the Mountains, very appreciate that Tom!



Tom is showing us our way to the Lake. 😉



We found the Klöntalersee in the middle of the Alps, stunning view of this beautiful lake.



Looking forward to the small Airport Mollis which is visible just in the middle of the Picture.


Looking back to the Klöntalersee there are some nice views too 😉



Turning left again heading to Zurich but still with some Moutains on our left side, behind us there is “Walensee” recognizable (Not in the Picture) Still stunning how small switzerland actually is.



I think this Lake should be the “Wägitalersee” if someone knows it better then comment 😛



Some minutes later already back in Zurich. After an 360° over the City. Thanks ATC!


As this will be the last picture id like to say goodbye and i hope you liked this post about this short sightseeing flight. If you want more of post like that then comment below or message me . Thanks to Tom Luthi for being out Pilot! Really like your Infos trought the whole flight! And really like your pictures! Looking forward to see you again at the Airport on another flight 😉
Many happy landings!