Norway - Bergen

6 Jan 2019By Michael

As you see Bergen is a very classic city. Especially during winter Time.

Look what Bergen has to show in my post.


Norway - Oslo

1 Jan 2019By Michael

Lets explore the capital of Norway - Oslo. A few highlights like the Royal Castle, the Opera House, the Harbour Area and the Holmenkollen.


One hour flight with the little Cessna

15 Aug 2017By Michael

A short scenic flight departing at Zurich Airport between the big Airliners. Showing the stunning scenery off switzerland.

Zurich  Airport -> Lake Zurich -> Lake of Zug -> Grosser Mythen -> Klöntalersee -> Mollis -> and back to Zurich Airport


My Trip to Canada (Included puppies)

12 Nov 2018By Michael

Two weeks in the endless Canada. Showing some of the most beautiful places on the world.

Banff National Park, Johnston Canyon Falls, Lake Louise, Bow Lake, Pyramid Lake near Jasper, Medicine Lake and unending roads.


Winter in Greenland

2 dez 2018By Michael

Visiting one of the most abandoned places of the World - Greenland.

I will show you the special journey to Greenland. Showing the little City called Ilulissat with an Icefjord, near the City.